Colección: Back To The Roots

A lovely collection filled with garden-inspired creations made of high quality beaded jewelry, that will remind you of spring itself. This collection's name also serves as a nod to Kirlea Jewelry's journey origins, where we started making jewelry with only seed beads.

Rediscover the essence of nature with the "Back To The Roots" jewelry collection. Inspired by the earth's raw beauty and the organic allure of natural elements, crafted with meticulous detail, these pieces vary from intricately designed flower motifs to earthy gemstones reminiscent of the earth's rich hues.

Embrace your connection to the earth and adorn yourself with pieces that echo the timeless elegance of nature. With the "Back To The Roots" collection, you can carry a piece of the earth's majesty wherever you go, browse through our collection to find more about the stunning pieces.

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